Ama Qualities

Below is some additional information on doshas that is not covered in the PowerPoint. Essentially the topic is so deep that it can be challenging to cover all aspects of Ama, however we have outlined the basics to encourage you to delve deeper into the sister science of yoga known as Ayurveda.

Ama is a Sanskrit word that translates literally to mean things like “unripe,” “uncooked,” “raw,” “immature,” or “undigested.” Essentially, it is a form of un-metabolized waste that cannot be utilized by the body. Ama is said to be the root cause of all disease, and amaya, a Sanskrit word for disease literally means “that which is born out of ama.”

Factors that disturb Digestion

comes from improper digestion of food and absorption into cells –cold toxin, use heating treatments.

Ama Visha
Arises from ama fermenting in our channels & are very hot toxin, use cooling treatments.

Gara Visha
Comes from environmental toxins accumulating in the body (air pollution, pesticides, skin care, artificial sweeteners, food additives) – hot and acidic toxin.


Ama Scenarios

food illustration

Ama Scenario

You ate and you feel tired after, you have stiffness in your body, sluggishness, white coating on the tongue.
Factors: overeating, eating large meals at night, not waiting to digest a meal before eating another, eating cold foods.




human heart

Ama Visha Scenario

You have a frequent skin rashes, inflammation, or auto immune diseases, kidney disorders, pains in your knees or wrists (settles in the specific tissues. For example, coronary heart disease, for instance, is caused by ama visha blocking the coronary artery. Wherever it settles, it causes problems, pay attention to your tissues. Another example Bronchial condition).
Factors: when Ama stuck in our digestive channels, it starts to ferment and becoming Ama Visha and penetrating deep into tissues.




cleaning supplies

Gara Visha Scenario

Really hot like Ama Visha – can cause skin rashes, severe hear palpitations, heavy metal poisoning, light dizziness. These toxins can make to their way deep into tissues of the body, including bone marrow, possibly triggering auto immunes.
Factors: the causes of Gara Visha are outside of your body, lead, arsenic and cleaning products.




magnetic field

Indravajraabhijanya Visha Scenario

comes from electromagnetic frequencies -EMFs are vibration that mixes with prana and are delivered to all organs, glands and systems through vibrational channels and disrupt cellular functions.
Factors: Cell phone towers, computers, Wi-Fi.