Why Yoga?

“Yoga, because some questions cannot be answered by Google “- Anonymous   

So how does it work and why should we practice and know the history? Most often than not we see a variety of yoga studios and even yoga classes in various gyms and it’s being looked at as supplementation for an already existing fitness program.  

However, the main objective of yoga is not necessarily fitness or even weight loss, but it is to produce tranquility in the body and mind. This is profoundly important for anyone. For example, every time we are holding a posture for a certain period, our cognitive brain gets activated and focuses on balance and concentration. Then, when we are bending forward during our sun salutations, relaxation signals are being sent to the brain through the movement of the neck. So simply bending forward will trigger cognitive brain and relaxation responses at the same time. Keeping a better connection between the two would certainly help to control emotions and will assist with the cultivation of a better stress response. This is, of course, a shorter version of what is happening in the body through the brain when we are practicing yoga. 

With more practice and more study, practitioners will discover more and more tools that yoga provides to bring us back to our natural state of wellbeing and balance, and to address our body’s natural ability to self-heal. But just like any treatment and any battle, it will require the correct strategies, a daily routine or daily consistent practice. This is where I hope this course, will give you the opportunity to get on track and discover self-healing.  

“Constant practice alone is the secret to success” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

As I am writing this, it has been five years since my Graves journey started. If yo u have not already, you may read in detail about it on my about me page. Most of the symptoms of graves I have experienced in the past are gone. While western medicine says graves is incurable, I consider myself to be an exception to the rule. Of course, I still have good and bad days and I am still not back to perfect health, but I do believe that yoga helped me to move on with my life and helps me to continuously manage my life for the better. By taking this course and engaging, I want to challenge all of you to:

  • listen to your body
  • practice yoga and mindfulness 
  • check out some of my other courses or find some out on the net that resonate with you!
  • take a little time to read up on concepts and or yoga philosophy
  • see where life may take you, yoga has the ability to take you to places you never dreamed of

I am so happy to see you here! Thank you for growing our online yoga community tribe, and we hope that this course will encourage you keep digging deeper into your yoga practice to fulfill your hopes, desires, to find healing and to touch your body, mind, and spirit.