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Opening the door to something deeper
Spring Detox 2021 Flyer

Spring Detox 101 (2021)

The first Spring Detox we hosted was an Ayruvedic workshop open to all levels, beginners and advanced practitioners.

The workshop was two hours with the first half as a lecture on yogic detox practices including Vedic views on detox, doshas, and some recipes.

We provided yogis with refreshments and snacks which tied into the topic of Ayurveda, and allowed for further discussion on diet after identifying our doshas. During our break we did a raffle drawing for a free prize for increased engagement, it was a lot of fun to get yogis involved after the pandemic.

We offered tea to encourage yogis to stay hydrated after a detoxifying yoga flow with various twisting in the second half of the workshop. As a treat, rose petal jam and crackers were paired with the tea to help cool down after the practice.

Live Studio Workshop Photo including refreshments
Live Studio Workshop Photo 4
Spring Detox 2022 Flyer

Ayurveda 101 (2022)

The second workshop we hosted was an opportunity to reflect on our first workshop and add new content and focus less on detox.

This time around, we dedicated time to our worksheet packets that were provided to yogis to fill in the blanks in the first half that covers the lecture portion. The worksheet packets were effective in keeping focus on the topic at hand while encouraging more questions.

Because Ayurvedic herbs and spices play an important role in the overall system of Ayurvedic medicine, we integrated more of that content into our presentation. We discovered that students in our first workshop had familiarity with doshas and were now eager how to apply that new knowledge. Covering ayruvedic herbs provided students with practical application.  

Live Studio Workshop Photo5
Live Studio Workshop Photo 6

Yoga for Thyroid (2022)

Having my own battle with a thyroid disorder is what actually brought me to yoga. You can read more about my personal experience here.

The workshop was specifically tailored to women experiencing thyroid disorders and to help them find healing through the practice of Ayurveda and yoga. The information shared was and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or replace or compliment medical advice.

The lecture addressed topics such as overheating of the liver, ama, doshas, deit etc. We included a mini box of positivity that contained items that encourage healing of the thyroid mindfully and on an energetic level.

Live Studio Workshop Photo9
Live Studio Workshop Photo12
Live Studio Workshop Photo11
Glow with the flow Workshop

Glow with the Flow (2022)

We had a blast with this high energy glow in the dark yoga!

Our glow in the dark mandala was carefully painted by hand, literally embedding our intentions for the upcoming new year straight into the mandala itself. Our playlist while loud and up-beat included light hearted themes to inspire and fill yogis with hope and new beginnings.

While the flow was more of a Vinyasa, we integrated a lot of poses where yogis reach out (as if they are reaching for the stars). We really enjoyed seeing others eyes light up and feel like kids again.

Live Studio Workshop Photo15
Live Studio Workshop Photo 16
Diwali Yoga Class

We Keep it Traditional and honor the Roots of Yoga

While we didn’t host a workshop for Diwali, we did dedicate a class to to celebrate. Diwali is such a special time to recognize our own inner light. It is also India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. Traditionally, the festival gets its name from the row of (avali) clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects  from spiritual darkness.

By now you may have noticed that we love using themes to teach. A theme is a thread of purpose that weaves the various parts of a yoga class (intention, pranayama, asana, meditation, rest) into a complete experience. With each experience, we wholeheartedly give it our all because we truly want our students to connect to their practice and themselves.

Diwali Clay Lamps
Diwali Class

Thank you for your time!

Review a sample of our Spring Detox Worksheet packet below. We are excited for the opportunity to host a workshop at your studio! Please connect with us today.
Sample Worksheet Packet