Chandra Salt


Known as the “Queen of Salts,” Chandra Salt (Soma Lavan) is a slightly sweet, tasty salt that holds a very special place in Ayurvedic texts. The Charak Samhita describes it as superior with the benefits of pacifying all three doshas, increasing digestive fire to support all seven tissues, supporting reproductive tissue, and the longevity of the eyes that steams from the liver cooling. It also does not create a digestive imbalance from excessive heat and does not have the same retention of other salts. Chandra Salt is a great substitute for seasoning, cooking, and baking.


Soma Salt, also knowns as white Himalayan salt, has less of the water and fire elements compared to other salts. Hence, it is why it is lighter than other salts and helps reduce inflammation while pacifying all 3 doshas. Ayurveda teaches us that salt is essential for growth, maintaining water electrolyte balance and proper digestion and the elimination of wastes. The Charaka Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic text, listed eight different kinds of salt. Rock or Soma salts were the most revered and subsequently used in many medicinal Ayurvedic formulas.


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Grade A Soma Lavan.


Available in 1oz


Use in place of traditional salts for cooking, baking, seasoning. Add a pinch to your smoothie for additional benefits.

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