Mahad Yoga Tribe Membership

I am so happy to see you here! I wanted to create a new private community for my tribe. This community will allow us to safely share space and support each other away from social media groups. The monthly fee will allow me to cover my expenses for maintaining the website, podcast, and forums. It will allow us the ability to connect with like minded people, participate in challenges, read weekly blog materials with a variety of yoga topics such as Ayurveda, wellbeing, and thyroid healing.




mahad tribe perks

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get access to full versions of my podcast and classes

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yoga and Ayurveda for thyroid

asana icon

detailed explanation of asanas & how-to’s

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discussion about podcast topics and input on future podcasts

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regular challenges to keep you accountable

sharing icon

sharing of pictures and videos


access to recorded workshops

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discounted Merchandise


***If the fee is too much for you at this time, but you still would like to be a part of the tribe, please email come and join us and lets keep our body and mind healthy and tuned! If you don’t have PayPal to purchase a membership today please fill out our contact form.