Welcome to Our Zen Den!

Our space is tucked away on the second floor, as you enter you will hear uplifting mantras and be welcomed into our bright studio featuring abundant skylights and windows with natural light. You will notice a cozy nook where you can safely store your belongings and grab a cup of herbal tea and check out some items in our little boutique. Most of our merchandise is designed by hand, we hope that you come across something that truly brightens your day! Our studio is small and classes are small, but we promise you will feel as a part of the family every time you visit.

evening class setup for meditation
yoga blocks & spirit junkie deck
complimentary tea bar
mahad studio floor and décor

Mahad is about deepening your relationship to yourself.

Environment is everything, if you are coming out to our studio, we would like you to connect to the present moment. We want to offer a space where people can connect with their inner peace, destress, and unwind. Its about creating the right environment, which is vital to us.

Everything You’ll need to know before booking your class

While the studio will be at a comfortable 70 degrees you will be able to create internal heat and enjoy fresh air. Yes, we will keep our windows open during nice days so that we can get that prana moving! With that said we are not a hot yoga studio. Our instructors will be able to make modification suggestions to make your practice as intense or relaxing as you want. Please remember that yoga is not about reaching your toes and you are welcome at any practice even if you don’t have any experience.

  • Because our studio is small, classes are available by reservation only.
  • We kindly request that if you can’t make it to a class you’ve pre-registered for, please take a moment to cancel your registration. Often, we have others who would like to join, and by cancelling, you’ll give them an opportunity to attend.
  • Please be aware that for the early morning classes, we kindly request that any registration changes or cancellations are made before 9PM the day before the class. We understand that sometimes plans change, but after this time, any cancellations will be treated as if the pass has been used, and unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer refunds for these cases. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Evening and afternoon: please contact us before heading out if you didn’t make a reservation.
  • We will have a limited schedule during holidays, but we do not close our studio.
  • Please follow us on social media for any inclement weather conditions announcements. During such events we may shift to online classes for the safety of our students and instructors.
  • We will work on improving our schedule and reservations upon your feedback.

We essentially have everything at the studio for you to kick off your practice. But if you wish you can bring the following items with you:

  • yoga mat
  • bolster
  • blocks
  • straps
  • bottle of water
  • facial towel

We kindly ask you to keep your cell phone on silent and not to take pictures inside the studio unless that was discussed with the studio and instructors. Please leave your shoes and worries at the door.

Listen to your body. ♥

Have awareness of space (mind your steps and other yogis near you on the mat).

Be kind and respectful to others.

For everyone’s safety the studio door’s will be locked while classes are in session. We know that life happens and traffic, so if you are running late please give us a call.

Please make sure that your medical waiver is signed before practice and keep in mind that we are not a medical facility, and all material is provided for educational purposes only

  • We kindly ask not to wear shoes in the studio.
  • Floors will be cleaned in between classes with non abrasive agents.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be available to wipe mats before and after practice.
Namaste Prayer Hands

We wish you superior health and excited to see you on the mat!