New to Yoga?

We look forward to welcoming you to your mat and sharing the practice beyond the mat

Below is our three pillars for establishing yoga foundation, its how we approach our practice and teachings.


Yoga Sadhana

Body Mind & Spirit

You have heard people talk about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Many people have a hazy interpretation of what it means, but it simply pertains to an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual health. The word “yoga” means “to yoke” or “to unite”, as in to unite the body, mind and spirit. Yoga originated in ancient India as physical, mental and spiritual practices.

As yoga teaches us, the mind, body and spirit are all connected; what we think effects our bodies and what our bodies do effects our minds. Yoga postures are just as important as other aspects of yoga, such as meditation, breathing, truth, or compassion, and all of these things lead to a deeper interconnection and unification the mind, body and spirit.

Ganesh Alter


Asana and Pranayama Practices

The Core of Yoga

Whatever level you are at, this page is here to serve you. If you are a beginner this is a great place to start. Below is some information that can help you develop a yoga base so that you can feel emotionally and mentally equipped on your journey.


Daily Study

Why is it Important to Study Yoga?

The truth is, there is a hunger inside of us that cannot be satisfied with anything materialistic, through fame, or looks. This can leave us feeling empty. Yoga allows us to become familiar of our essential nature, revealing aspects of our true self.

That’s why we need to study yoga, it helps us connect to what is deeper inside of us, that is not taught in school or by our environment. Whether you are a beginner or you are looking to deepen your understanding, we would love to be a part of your journey.

student studying yoga